An Introduction to Price Action Trading Strategies

I keep an ongoing list of "Stuff I Want In Warframe" in my Discord server, figure I should share it

  1. Not be equippable/listed on ALL weapons like it currently is for some reason-- it should only be equippable on weapons which actually benefit from it, and;
  2. Should be 100% instead of 90% to reduce all self-stagger effects because you're using an entire mod slot just for that benefit so it should have a perfect effect, and;
  3. There needs to be a Cautious Shot equivalent for sidearms because currently none exists... wut?
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Former investment bank FX trader: some thoughts

Former investment bank FX trader: some thoughts
Hi guys,
I have been using reddit for years in my personal life (not trading!) and wanted to give something back in an area where i am an expert.
I worked at an investment bank for seven years and joined them as a graduate FX trader so have lots of professional experience, by which i mean I was trained and paid by a big institution to trade on their behalf. This is very different to being a full-time home trader, although that is not to discredit those guys, who can accumulate a good amount of experience/wisdom through self learning.
When I get time I'm going to write a mid-length posts on each topic for you guys along the lines of how i was trained. I guess there would be 15-20 topics in total so about 50-60 posts. Feel free to comment or ask questions.
The first topic is Risk Management and we'll cover it in three parts
Part I
  • Why it matters
  • Position sizing
  • Kelly
  • Using stops sensibly
  • Picking a clear level

Why it matters

The first rule of making money through trading is to ensure you do not lose money. Look at any serious hedge fund’s website and they’ll talk about their first priority being “preservation of investor capital.”
You have to keep it before you grow it.
Strangely, if you look at retail trading websites, for every one article on risk management there are probably fifty on trade selection. This is completely the wrong way around.
The great news is that this stuff is pretty simple and process-driven. Anyone can learn and follow best practices.
Seriously, avoiding mistakes is one of the most important things: there's not some holy grail system for finding winning trades, rather a routine and fairly boring set of processes that ensure that you are profitable, despite having plenty of losing trades alongside the winners.

Capital and position sizing

The first thing you have to know is how much capital you are working with. Let’s say you have $100,000 deposited. This is your maximum trading capital. Your trading capital is not the leveraged amount. It is the amount of money you have deposited and can withdraw or lose.
Position sizing is what ensures that a losing streak does not take you out of the market.
A rule of thumb is that one should risk no more than 2% of one’s account balance on an individual trade and no more than 8% of one’s account balance on a specific theme. We’ll look at why that’s a rule of thumb later. For now let’s just accept those numbers and look at examples.
So we have $100,000 in our account. And we wish to buy EURUSD. We should therefore not be risking more than 2% which $2,000.
We look at a technical chart and decide to leave a stop below the monthly low, which is 55 pips below market. We’ll come back to this in a bit. So what should our position size be?
We go to the calculator page, select Position Size and enter our details. There are many such calculators online - just google "Pip calculator".
So the appropriate size is a buy position of 363,636 EURUSD. If it reaches our stop level we know we’ll lose precisely $2,000 or 2% of our capital.
You should be using this calculator (or something similar) on every single trade so that you know your risk.
Now imagine that we have similar bets on EURJPY and EURGBP, which have also broken above moving averages. Clearly this EUR-momentum is a theme. If it works all three bets are likely to pay off. But if it goes wrong we are likely to lose on all three at once. We are going to look at this concept of correlation in more detail later.
The total amount of risk in our portfolio - if all of the trades on this EUR-momentum theme were to hit their stops - should not exceed $8,000 or 8% of total capital. This allows us to go big on themes we like without going bust when the theme does not work.
As we’ll see later, many traders only win on 40-60% of trades. So you have to accept losing trades will be common and ensure you size trades so they cannot ruin you.
Similarly, like poker players, we should risk more on trades we feel confident about and less on trades that seem less compelling. However, this should always be subject to overall position sizing constraints.
For example before you put on each trade you might rate the strength of your conviction in the trade and allocate a position size accordingly:
To keep yourself disciplined you should try to ensure that no more than one in twenty trades are graded exceptional and allocated 5% of account balance risk. It really should be a rare moment when all the stars align for you.
Notice that the nice thing about dealing in percentages is that it scales. Say you start out with $100,000 but end the year up 50% at $150,000. Now a 1% bet will risk $1,500 rather than $1,000. That makes sense as your capital has grown.
It is extremely common for retail accounts to blow-up by making only 4-5 losing trades because they are leveraged at 50:1 and have taken on far too large a position, relative to their account balance.
Consider that GBPUSD tends to move 1% each day. If you have an account balance of $10k then it would be crazy to take a position of $500k (50:1 leveraged). A 1% move on $500k is $5k.
Two perfectly regular down days in a row — or a single day’s move of 2% — and you will receive a margin call from the broker, have the account closed out, and have lost all your money.
Do not let this happen to you. Use position sizing discipline to protect yourself.

Kelly Criterion

If you’re wondering - why “about 2%” per trade? - that’s a fair question. Why not 0.5% or 10% or any other number?
The Kelly Criterion is a formula that was adapted for use in casinos. If you know the odds of winning and the expected pay-off, it tells you how much you should bet in each round.
This is harder than it sounds. Let’s say you could bet on a weighted coin flip, where it lands on heads 60% of the time and tails 40% of the time. The payout is $2 per $1 bet.
Well, absolutely you should bet. The odds are in your favour. But if you have, say, $100 it is less obvious how much you should bet to avoid ruin.
Say you bet $50, the odds that it could land on tails twice in a row are 16%. You could easily be out after the first two flips.
Equally, betting $1 is not going to maximise your advantage. The odds are 60/40 in your favour so only betting $1 is likely too conservative. The Kelly Criterion is a formula that produces the long-run optimal bet size, given the odds.
Applying the formula to forex trading looks like this:
Position size % = Winning trade % - ( (1- Winning trade %) / Risk-reward ratio
If you have recorded hundreds of trades in your journal - see next chapter - you can calculate what this outputs for you specifically.
If you don't have hundreds of trades then let’s assume some realistic defaults of Winning trade % being 30% and Risk-reward ratio being 3. The 3 implies your TP is 3x the distance of your stop from entry e.g. 300 pips take profit and 100 pips stop loss.
So that’s 0.3 - (1 - 0.3) / 3 = 6.6%.
Hold on a second. 6.6% of your account probably feels like a LOT to risk per trade.This is the main observation people have on Kelly: whilst it may optimise the long-run results it doesn’t take into account the pain of drawdowns. It is better thought of as the rational maximum limit. You needn’t go right up to the limit!
With a 30% winning trade ratio, the odds of you losing on four trades in a row is nearly one in four. That would result in a drawdown of nearly a quarter of your starting account balance. Could you really stomach that and put on the fifth trade, cool as ice? Most of us could not.
Accordingly people tend to reduce the bet size. For example, let’s say you know you would feel emotionally affected by losing 25% of your account.
Well, the simplest way is to divide the Kelly output by four. You have effectively hidden 75% of your account balance from Kelly and it is now optimised to avoid a total wipeout of just the 25% it can see.
This gives 6.6% / 4 = 1.65%. Of course different trading approaches and different risk appetites will provide different optimal bet sizes but as a rule of thumb something between 1-2% is appropriate for the style and risk appetite of most retail traders.
Incidentally be very wary of systems or traders who claim high winning trade % like 80%. Invariably these don’t pass a basic sense-check:
  • How many live trades have you done? Often they’ll have done only a handful of real trades and the rest are simulated backtests, which are overfitted. The model will soon die.
  • What is your risk-reward ratio on each trade? If you have a take profit $3 away and a stop loss $100 away, of course most trades will be winners. You will not be making money, however! In general most traders should trade smaller position sizes and less frequently than they do. If you are going to bias one way or the other, far better to start off too small.

How to use stop losses sensibly

Stop losses have a bad reputation amongst the retail community but are absolutely essential to risk management. No serious discretionary trader can operate without them.
A stop loss is a resting order, left with the broker, to automatically close your position if it reaches a certain price. For a recap on the various order types visit this chapter.
The valid concern with stop losses is that disreputable brokers look for a concentration of stops and then, when the market is close, whipsaw the price through the stop levels so that the clients ‘stop out’ and sell to the broker at a low rate before the market naturally comes back higher. This is referred to as ‘stop hunting’.
This would be extremely immoral behaviour and the way to guard against it is to use a highly reputable top-tier broker in a well regulated region such as the UK.
Why are stop losses so important? Well, there is no other way to manage risk with certainty.
You should always have a pre-determined stop loss before you put on a trade. Not having one is a recipe for disaster: you will find yourself emotionally attached to the trade as it goes against you and it will be extremely hard to cut the loss. This is a well known behavioural bias that we’ll explore in a later chapter.
Learning to take a loss and move on rationally is a key lesson for new traders.
A common mistake is to think of the market as a personal nemesis. The market, of course, is totally impersonal; it doesn’t care whether you make money or not.
Bruce Kovner, founder of the hedge fund Caxton Associates
There is an old saying amongst bank traders which is “losers average losers”.
It is tempting, having bought EURUSD and seeing it go lower, to buy more. Your average price will improve if you keep buying as it goes lower. If it was cheap before it must be a bargain now, right? Wrong.
Where does that end? Always have a pre-determined cut-off point which limits your risk. A level where you know the reason for the trade was proved ‘wrong’ ... and stick to it strictly. If you trade using discretion, use stops.

Picking a clear level

Where you leave your stop loss is key.
Typically traders will leave them at big technical levels such as recent highs or lows. For example if EURUSD is trading at 1.1250 and the recent month’s low is 1.1205 then leaving it just below at 1.1200 seems sensible.

If you were going long, just below the double bottom support zone seems like a sensible area to leave a stop
You want to give it a bit of breathing room as we know support zones often get challenged before the price rallies. This is because lots of traders identify the same zones. You won’t be the only one selling around 1.1200.
The “weak hands” who leave their sell stop order at exactly the level are likely to get taken out as the market tests the support. Those who leave it ten or fifteen pips below the level have more breathing room and will survive a quick test of the level before a resumed run-up.
Your timeframe and trading style clearly play a part. Here’s a candlestick chart (one candle is one day) for GBPUSD.
If you are putting on a trend-following trade you expect to hold for weeks then you need to have a stop loss that can withstand the daily noise. Look at the downtrend on the chart. There were plenty of days in which the price rallied 60 pips or more during the wider downtrend.
So having a really tight stop of, say, 25 pips that gets chopped up in noisy short-term moves is not going to work for this kind of trade. You need to use a wider stop and take a smaller position size, determined by the stop level.
There are several tools you can use to help you estimate what is a safe distance and we’ll look at those in the next section.
There are of course exceptions. For example, if you are doing range-break style trading you might have a really tight stop, set just below the previous range high.
Clearly then where you set stops will depend on your trading style as well as your holding horizons and the volatility of each instrument.
Here are some guidelines that can help:
  1. Use technical analysis to pick important levels (support, resistance, previous high/lows, moving averages etc.) as these provide clear exit and entry points on a trade.
  2. Ensure that the stop gives your trade enough room to breathe and reflects your timeframe and typical volatility of each pair. See next section.
  3. Always pick your stop level first. Then use a calculator to determine the appropriate lot size for the position, based on the % of your account balance you wish to risk on the trade.
So far we have talked about price-based stops. There is another sort which is more of a fundamental stop, used alongside - not instead of - price stops. If either breaks you’re out.
For example if you stop understanding why a product is going up or down and your fundamental thesis has been confirmed wrong, get out. For example, if you are long because you think the central bank is turning hawkish and AUDUSD is going to play catch up with rates … then you hear dovish noises from the central bank and the bond yields retrace lower and back in line with the currency - close your AUDUSD position. You already know your thesis was wrong. No need to give away more money to the market.

Coming up in part II

EDIT: part II here
Letting stops breathe
When to change a stop
Entering and exiting winning positions
Risk:reward ratios
Risk-adjusted returns

Coming up in part III

Squeezes and other risks
Market positioning
Bet correlation
Crap trades, timeouts and monthly limits

Disclaimer:This content is not investment advice and you should not place any reliance on it. The views expressed are the author's own and should not be attributed to any other person, including their employer.
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[BUG][MEGATHREAD][PC] - Unofficial bug megathread for the PC platform

Just thought I'd make a quick list of bugs people have been encountering on PC and update it as people reply, because if we don't have something centralised like this, it's never gonna work out for any of us.

Do NOT report CO-OP bugs. Co-op is currently completely broken and reporting further bugs at this time is futile.

Official Forums known issues thread
Official Forums bug reporting thread (The W3 forums are unusable for me... icons missing, post text missing, the UI is completely broken... don't know what's up with that, and multiple people are reporting issues in getting their accounts validated.)
Just to clarify my marking system:
[CRITICAL] A game breaking bug that halts any further progression or has very far reaching consequences that could cause a player to have to restart their game from scratch.
ie: save corruption, game consistently crashing at a certain point, progress blocked, etc.
[MAJOR] A bug that directly and significantly impacts gameplay, may or may not be worked around.
ie: some weapons dealing half damage, fights being unnecessarily harder or easier, etc.
[MINOR] A bug that might impact gameplay but can be easily worked around.
ie: Stutters (as long as it doesn't make the game unplayable), UI elements missing, etc.

Thanks everyone for reporting bugs on this thread!

(I'm not crediting per issue as it takes space but thanks all the same!)


I'm not really sure I should have this section, but here goes.






Co-op is so broken that I will not add any more bugs for co-op players.
It's sad, but there's no telling what the major issues below could be causing as collateral. It is already known that for example some co-op players can't progress past the doctor quest.
No need to add any info here. Co-op is in shambles and should be removed from the game till it is properly implemented.





Story / Quests (spoilers!)

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Former investment bank FX trader: News trading and second order thinking part 2/2

Former investment bank FX trader: News trading and second order thinking part 2/2
Thanks for all the upvotes and comments on the previous pieces:
From the first half of the news trading note we learned some ways to estimate what is priced in by the market. We learned that we are trading any gap in market expectations rather than the result itself. A good result when the market expected a fantastic result is disappointing! We also looked at second order thinking. After all that, I hope the reaction of prices to events is starting to make more sense to you.

Before you understand the core concepts of pricing in and second order thinking, price reactions to events can seem mystifying at times
We'll add one thought-provoking quote. Keynes (that rare economist who also managed institutional money) offered this analogy. He compared selecting investments to a beauty contest in which newspaper readers would write in with their votes and win a prize if their votes most closely matched the six most popularly selected women across all readers:
It is not a case of choosing those (faces) which, to the best of one’s judgment, are really the prettiest, nor even those which average opinions genuinely thinks the prettiest. We have reached the third degree where we devote our intelligences to anticipating what average opinion expects the average opinion to be.
Trading is no different. You are trying to anticipate how other traders will react to news and how that will move prices. Perhaps you disagree with their reaction. Still, if you can anticipate what it will be you would be sensible to act upon it. Don't forget: meanwhile they are also trying to anticipate what you and everyone else will do.

Part II
  • Preparing for quantitative and qualitative releases
  • Data surprise index
  • Using recent events to predict future reactions
  • Buy the rumour, sell the fact
  • The trimming position effect
  • Reversals
  • Some key FX releases

Preparing for quantitative and qualitative releases

The majority of releases are quantitative. All that means is there’s some number. Like unemployment figures or GDP.
Historic results provide interesting context. We are looking below the Australian unemployment rate which is released monthly. If you plot it out a few years back you can spot a clear trend, which got massively reversed. Knowing this trend gives you additional information when the figure is released. In the same way prices can trend so do economic data.

A great resource that's totally free to use
This makes sense: if for example things are getting steadily better in the economy you’d expect to see unemployment steadily going down.
Knowing the trend and how much noise there is in the data gives you an informational edge over lazy traders.
For example, when we see the spike above 6% on the above you’d instantly know it was crazy and a huge trading opportunity since a) the fluctuations month on month are normally tiny and b) it is a huge reversal of the long-term trend.
Would all the other AUDUSD traders know and react proportionately? If not and yet they still trade, their laziness may be an opportunity for more informed traders to make some money. offers really high quality analysis. You can see all the major indicators for each country. Clicking them brings up their history as well as an explanation of what they show.
For example, here’s German Consumer Confidence.

Helpful context
There are also qualitative events. Normally these are speeches by Central Bankers.
There are whole blogs dedicated to closely reading such texts and looking for subtle changes in direction or opinion on the economy. Stuff like how often does the phrase "in a good place" come up when the Chair of the Fed speaks. It is pretty dry stuff. Yet these are leading indicators of how each member may vote to set interest rates. Ed Yardeni is the go-to guy on central banks.

Data surprise index

The other thing you might look at is something investment banks produce for their customers. A data surprise index. I am not sure if these are available in retail land - there's no reason they shouldn't be but the economic calendars online are very basic.
You’ll remember we talked about data not being good or bad of itself but good or bad relative to what was expected. These indices measure this difference.
If results are consistently better than analysts expect then you’ll see a positive number. If they are consistently worse than analysts expect a negative number. You can see they tend to swing from positive to negative.

Mean reversion at its best! Data surprise indices measure how much better or worse data came in vs forecast
There are many theories for this but in general people consider that analysts herd around the consensus. They are scared to be outliers and look ‘wrong’ or ‘stupid’ so they instead place estimates close to the pack of their peers.
When economic conditions change they may therefore be slow to update. When they are wrong consistently - say too bearish - they eventually flip the other way and become too bullish.
These charts can be interesting to give you an idea of how the recent data releases have been versus market expectations. You may try to spot the turning points in macroeconomic data that drive long term currency prices and trends.

Using recent events to predict future reactions

The market reaction function is the most important thing on an economic calendar in many ways. It means: what will happen to the price if the data is better or worse than the market expects?
That seems easy to answer but it is not.
Consider the example of consumer confidence we had earlier.
  • Many times the market will shrug and ignore it.
  • But when the economic recovery is predicated on a strong consumer it may move markets a lot.
Or consider the S&P index of US stocks (Wall Street).
  • If you get good economic data that beats analyst estimates surely it should go up? Well, sometimes that is certainly the case.
  • But good economic data might result in the US Central Bank raising interest rates. Raising interest rates will generally make the stock market go down!
So better than expected data could make the S&P go up (“the economy is great”) or down (“the Fed is more likely to raise rates”). It depends. The market can interpret the same data totally differently at different times.
One clue is to look at what happened to the price of risk assets at the last event.
For example, let’s say we looked at unemployment and it came in a lot worse than forecast last month. What happened to the S&P back then?

2% drop last time on a 'worse than expected' number ... so it it is 'better than expected' best guess is we rally 2% higher
So this tells us that - at least for our most recent event - the S&P moved 2% lower on a far worse than expected number. This gives us some guidance as to what it might do next time and the direction. Bad number = lower S&P. For a huge surprise 2% is the size of move we’d expect.
Again - this is a real limitation of online calendars. They should show next to the historic results (expected/actual) the reaction of various instruments.

Buy the rumour, sell the fact

A final example of an unpredictable reaction relates to the old rule of ‘Buy the rumour, sell the fact.’ This captures the tendency for markets to anticipate events and then reverse when they occur.

Buy the rumour, sell the fact
In short: people take profit and close their positions when what they expected to happen is confirmed.
So we have to decide which driver is most important to the market at any point in time. You obviously cannot ask every participant. The best way to do it is to look at what happened recently. Look at the price action during recent releases and you will get a feel for how much the market moves and in which direction.

Trimming or taking off positions

One thing to note is that events sometimes give smart participants information about positioning. This is because many traders take off or reduce positions ahead of big news events for risk management purposes.
Imagine we see GBPUSD rises in the hour before GDP release. That probably indicates the market is short and has taken off / flattened its positions.

The price action before an event can tell you about speculative positioning
If GDP is merely in line with expectations those same people are likely to add back their positions. They avoided a potential banana skin. This is why sometimes the market moves on an event that seemingly was bang on consensus.
But you have learned something. The speculative market is short and may prove vulnerable to a squeeze.

Two kinds of reversals

Fairly often you’ll see the market move in one direction on a release then turn around and go the other way.
These are known as reversals. Traders will often ‘fade’ a move, meaning bet against it and expect it to reverse.

Logical reversals

Sometimes this happens when the data looks good at first glance but the details don’t support it.
For example, say the headline is very bullish on German manufacturing numbers but then a minute later it becomes clear the company who releases the data has changed methodology or believes the number is driven by a one-off event. Or maybe the headline number is positive but buried in the detail there is a very negative revision to previous numbers.
Fading the initial spike is one way to trade news. Try looking at what the price action is one minute after the event and thirty minutes afterwards on historic releases.

Crazy reversals

Some reversals don't make sense
Sometimes a reversal happens for seemingly no fundamental reason. Say you get clearly positive news that is better than anyone expects. There are no caveats to the positive number. Yet the price briefly spikes up and then falls hard. What on earth?
This is a pure supply and demand thing. Even on bullish news the market cannot sustain a rally. The market is telling you it wants to sell this asset. Try not to get in its way.

Some key releases

As we have already discussed, different releases are important at different times. However, we’ll look at some consistently important ones in this final section.

Interest rates decisions

These can sometimes be unscheduled. However, normally the decisions are announced monthly. The exact process varies for each central bank. Typically there’s a headline decision e.g. maintain 0.75% rate.
You may also see “minutes” of the meeting in which the decision was reached and a vote tally e.g. 7 for maintain, 2 for lower rates. These are always top-tier data releases and have capacity to move the currency a lot.
A hawkish central bank (higher rates) will tend to move a currency higher whilst a dovish central bank (lower rates) will tend to move a currency lower.
A central banker speaking is always a big event

Non farm payrolls

These are released once per month. This is another top-tier release that will move all USD pairs as well as equities.
There are three numbers:
  • The headline number of jobs created (bigger is better)
  • The unemployment rate (smaller is better)
  • Average hourly earnings (depends)
Bear in mind these headline numbers are often off by around 75,000. If a report comes in +/- 25,000 of the forecast, that is probably a non event.
In general a positive response should move the USD higher but check recent price action.
Other countries each have their own unemployment data releases but this is the single most important release.


There are various types of surveys: consumer confidence; house price expectations; purchasing managers index etc.
Each one basically asks a group of people if they expect to make more purchases or activity in their area of expertise to rise. There are so many we won’t go into each one here.
A really useful tool is the economic indicators for each country. You can see all the major indicators and an explanation of each plus the historic results.


Gross Domestic Product is another big release. It is a measure of how much a country’s economy is growing.
In general the market focuses more on ‘advance’ GDP forecasts more than ‘final’ numbers, which are often released at the same time.
This is because the final figures are accurate but by the time they come around the market has already seen all the inputs. The advance figure tends to be less accurate but incorporates new information that the market may not have known before the release.
In general a strong GDP number is good for the domestic currency.


Countries tend to release measures of inflation (increase in prices) each month. These releases are important mainly because they may influence the future decisions of the central bank, when setting the interest rate.
See the FX fundamentals section for more details.

Industrial data

Things like factory orders or or inventory levels. These can provide a leading indicator of the strength of the economy.
These numbers can be extremely volatile. This is because a one-off large order can drive the numbers well outside usual levels.
Pay careful attention to previous releases so you have a sense of how noisy each release is and what kind of moves might be expected.


Often there is really good stuff in the comments/replies. Check out 'squitstoomuch' for some excellent observations on why some news sources are noisy but early (think: Twitter, ZeroHedge). The Softbank story is a good recent example: was in ZeroHedge a day before the FT but the market moved on the FT. Also an interesting comment on mistakes, which definitely happen on breaking news, and can cause massive reversals.

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Heart of Deimos: Hotfix 29.0.7

Heart of Deimos: Hotfix 29.0.7
In an attempt to keep these notes spoiler free you may notice some less-descriptive language than usual - thank you for your diligent reporting!
Deimos Swarm Support Pack Addition: An additional Syandana, called Palla Syandana, has been added to the Deimos Swarm Supporter Pack! Originally the Palla Syandana was going to be put elsewhere, but it’s design was intended to match the Supporter Pack aesthetic, so we’ve shifted plans and put it in the Deimos Swarm Pack.
We’ll be running a script to retroactively give the Palla Syandana to players who have purchased the Deimos Swarm Pack - stay tuned!
All purchases of the Deimos Swarm Pack moving forward will include the Palla Syandana.
Helminth Changes & Fixes:
Deimos Bounty Changes:
Conservation Change:
Fixes :
This action was performed automatically, if you see any mistakes, please tag desmaraisp, he'll fix them. Here is my github
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Former investment bank FX trader: news trading and second order thinking

Former investment bank FX trader: news trading and second order thinking
Thanks to everyone who responded to the previous pieces on risk management. We ended up with nearly 2,000 upvotes and I'm delighted so many of you found it useful.
This time we're going to focus on a new area: reacting to and trading around news and fundamental developments.
A lot of people get this totally wrong and the main reason is that they trade the news at face value, without considering what the market had already priced in. If you've ever seen what you consider to be "good" or "better than forecast" news come out and yet been confused as the pair did nothing or moved in the opposite direction to expected, read on...
We are going to do this in two parts.
Part I
  • Introduction
  • Why use an economic calendar
  • How to read the calendar
  • Knowing what's priced in
  • Surveys
  • Rates decisions
  • First order thinking vs second order thinking


Knowing how to use and benefit from the economic calendar is key for all traders - not just news traders.
In this chapter we are going to take a practical look at how to use the economic calendar. We are also going to look at how to interpret news using second order thinking.
The key concept is learning what has already been ‘priced in’ by the market so we can estimate how the market price might react to the new information.

Why use an economic calendar

The economic calendar contains all the scheduled economic releases for that day and week. Even if you purely trade based on technical analysis, you still must know what is in store.
Why? Three main reasons.
Firstly, releases can help provide direction. They create trends. For example if GBPUSD has been fluctuating aimlessly within a range and suddenly the Bank of England starts raising rates you better believe the British Pound will start to move. Big news events often start long-term trends which you can trade around.
Secondly, a lot of the volatility occurs around these events. This is because these events give the market new information. Prior to a big scheduled release like the US Non Farm Payrolls you might find no one wants to take a big position. After it is released the market may move violently and potentially not just in a single direction - often prices may overshoot and come back down. Even without a trend this volatility provides lots of trading opportunities for the day trader.
Finally, these releases can change trends. Going into a huge release because of a technical indicator makes little sense. Everything could reverse and stop you out in a moment. You need to be aware of which events are likely to influence the positions you have on so you can decide whether to keep the positions or flatten exposure before the binary event for which you have no edge.
Most traders will therefore ‘scan’ the calendar for the week ahead, noting what the big events are and when they will occur. Then you can focus on each day at a time.

Reading the economic calendar

Most calendars show events cut by trading day. Helpfully they adjust the time of each release to your own timezone. For example we can see that the Bank of Japan Interest Rate decision is happening at 4am local time for this particular London-based trader.

Note that some events do not happen at a specific time. Think of a Central Banker’s speech for example - this can go on for an hour. It is not like an economic statistic that gets released at a precise time. Clicking the finger emoji will open up additional information on each event.

Event importance

How do you define importance? Well, some events are always unimportant. With the greatest of respect to Italian farmers, nobody cares about mundane releases like Italian farm productivity figures.
Other events always seem to be important. That means, markets consistently react to them and prices move. Interest rate decisions are an example of consistently high importance events.
So the Medium and High can be thought of as guides to how much each event typically affects markets. They are not perfect guides, however, as different events are more or less important depending on the circumstances.
For example, imagine the UK economy was undergoing a consumer-led recovery. The Central Bank has said it would raise interest rates (making GBPUSD move higher) if they feel the consumer is confident.
Consumer confidence data would suddenly become an extremely important event. At other times, when the Central Bank has not said it is focused on the consumer, this release might be near irrelevant.

Knowing what's priced in

Next to each piece of economic data you can normally see three figures. Actual, Forecast, and Previous.
  • Actual refers to the number as it is released.
  • Forecast refers to the consensus estimate from analysts.
  • Previous is what it was last time.
We are going to look at this in a bit more detail later but what you care about is when numbers are better or worse than expected. Whether a number is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ really does not matter much. Yes, really.

Once you understand that markets move based on the news vs expectations, you will be less confused by price action around events

This is a common misunderstanding. Say everyone is expecting ‘great’ economic data and it comes out as ‘good’. Does the price go up?
You might think it should. After all, the economic data was good. However, everyone expected it to be great and it was just … good. The great release was ‘priced in’ by the market already. Most likely the price will be disappointed and go down.
By priced in we simply mean that the market expected it and already bought or sold. The information was already in the price before the announcement.
Incidentally the official forecasts can be pretty stale and might not accurately capture what active traders in the market expect. See the following example.

An example of pricing in

For example, let’s say the market is focused on the number of Tesla deliveries. Analysts think it’ll be 100,000 this quarter. But Elon Musk tweets something that hints he’s really, really, really looking forward to the analyst call. Tesla’s price ticks higher after the tweet as traders put on positions, reflecting the sentiment that Tesla is likely to massively beat the 100,000. (This example is not a real one - it just serves to illustrate the concept.)

Tesla deliveries are up hugely vs last quarter ... but they are disappointing vs market expectations ... what do you think will happen to the stock?

On the day it turns out Tesla hit 101,000. A better than the officially forecasted result - sure - but only marginally. Way below what readers of Musk's twitter account might have thought. Disappointed traders may sell their longs and close out the positions. The stock might go down on ‘good’ results because the market had priced in something even better. (This example is not a real one - it just serves to illustrate the concept.)


It can be a little hard to know what the market really expects. Often the published forecasts are stale and do not reflect what actual traders and investors are looking for.
One of the most effective ways is a simple survey of investors. Something like a Twitter poll like this one from CNBC is freely available and not a bad barometer.
CNBC, Bloomberg and other business TV stations often have polls on their Twitter accounts that let you know what others are expecting

Interest rates decisions

We know that interest rates heavily affect currency prices.
For major interest rate decisions there’s a great tool on the CME’s website that you can use.

See the link for a demo

This gives you a % probability of each interest rate level, implied by traded prices in the bond futures market. For example, in the case above the market thinks there’s a 20% chance the Fed will cut rates to 75-100bp.
Obviously this is far more accurate than analyst estimates because it uses actual bond prices where market participants are directly taking risk and placing bets. It basically looks at what interest rate traders are willing to lend at just before/after the date of the central bank meeting to imply the odds that the market ascribes to a change on that date.
Always try to estimate what the market has priced in. That way you have some context for whether the release really was better or worse than expected.

Second order thinking

You have to know what the market expects to try and guess how it’ll react. This is referred to by Howard Marks of Oaktree as second-level thinking. His explanation is so clear I am going to quote extensively.
It really is hard to improve on this clarity of thought:
First-level thinking is simplistic and superficial, and just about everyone can do it (a bad sign for anything involving an attempt at superiority). All the first-level thinker needs is an opinion about the future, as in “The outlook for the company is favorable, meaning the stock will go up.” Second-level thinking is deep, complex and convoluted.
Howard Marks
He explains first-level thinking:
The first-level thinker simply looks for the highest quality company, the best product, the fastest earnings growth or the lowest p/e ratio. He’s ignorant of the very existence of a second level at which to think, and of the need to pursue it.
Howard Marks
The above describes the guy who sees a 101,000 result and buys Tesla stock because - hey, this beat expectations. Marks goes on to describe second-level thinking:
The second-level thinker goes through a much more complex process when thinking about buying an asset. Is it good? Do others think it’s as good as I think it is? Is it really as good as I think it is? Is it as good as others think it is? Is it as good as others think others think it is? How will it change? How do others think it will change? How is it priced given: its current condition; how do I think its conditions will change; how others think it will change; and how others think others think it will change? And that’s just the beginning. No, this isn’t easy.
Howard Marks
In this version of events you are always thinking about the market’s response to Tesla results.
What do you think they’ll announce? What has the market priced in? Is Musk reliable? Are the people who bought because of his tweet likely to hold on if he disappoints or exit immediately? If it goes up at which price will they take profit? How big a number is now considered ‘wow’ by the market?
As Marks says: not easy. However, you need to start getting into the habit of thinking like this if you want to beat the market. You can make gameplans in advance for various scenarios.
Here are some examples from Marks to illustrate the difference between first order and second order thinking.

Some further examples
Trying to react fast to headlines is impossible in today’s market of ultra fast computers. You will never win on speed. Therefore you have to out-think the average participant.

Coming up in part II

Now that we have a basic understanding of concepts such as expectations and what the market has priced in, we can look at some interesting trading techniques and tools.
Part II
  • Preparing for quantitative and qualitative releases
  • Data surprise index
  • Using recent events to predict future reactions
  • Buy the rumour, sell the fact
  • The trimming position effect
  • Reversals
  • Some key FX releases
Hope you enjoyed this note. As always, please reply with any questions/feedback - it is fun to hear from you.
Disclaimer:This content is not investment advice and you should not place any reliance on it. The views expressed are the author's own and should not be attributed to any other person, including their employer.
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The Steel Path: Update 28.1.0

The Steel Path: Update 28.1.0
It is time to take on a new challenge. The Origin System is ever-changing. Our enemies grow more powerful - only the Tenno with true mastery of their Arsenal will overcome what awaits us. Once you have found yourself with a completed Star Chart , you may choose to arm yourself for a higher tier of enemies in Warframe. With this Update, we are introducing ‘The Steel Path’, a way to replay the Star Chart with all regions receiving +100 enemy levels. You will earn exclusive Emotes and Trophies by completing each region. Team up or go alone - good luck!
If you are not ready for this challenge, fear not, it’s not going anywhere. One day you may be prepared to take The Steel Path.
Your weapons make music, and the enemy calls for a song. Visit Teshin to learn more, if you’re ready.
Requirements: A completed Star Chart (access to Arbitrations) is required for The Steel Path. Teshin will invite you to seek him out in any Relay once you’ve met the criteria.
What you need to know about The Steel Path Since launching our weekend Public Test Cluster project, we have made some changes to The Steel Path for launch. These changes will be indicated below (but this is not an exhaustive list).
Progression Rewards As you progress through The Steel Path Star Chart, Teshin will award you for each Region completed with its respective Planet Decoration and Planet Emote, as well as 2x Steel Essence per Region (which can also be earned simply by playing Steel Path missions)!
The Steel Path Honors & Steel Essence In addition to those Rewards, Teshin now has The Steel Path Honors: a store only accessible when The Steel Path is unlocked. Similar to the Arbitration Honors store, The Steel Path Honors takes Steel Essence as currency. Steel Essence can be found as a Resource drop from Eximus enemies within The Steel Path.
By accessing the Steel Path Honors, you can exchange your Steel Essence for the following rewards:
The Steel Path Feedback Megathread:
Khora Urushu Skin Personify the avenging spirit of the forest in armor flowering with deadly blooms. Buying the Urushu skin unlocks the Maculatia Skin only for your Venari. Includes Maculatia Venari Skin, Khora Urushu Agile and Noble animation sets!
Maculatia Venari Skin Venari becomes the dark and dangerous woods in this deluxe Pet Skin.
Khora Urushu Collection Embody the galaxy’s most dangerous flora with the Urushu Collection. Includes the Khora Urushu Skin, the Veratria Blade and Whip Skin, and the Maculatia Skin for Venari or your favourite Kavat. Includes Khora Urushu Agile and Noble animation sets!
Veratria Blade and Whip Skin Tangle your target in a thorny vine with this deceptively floral weapon Skin.
Maculatia Kavat Skin Nature at its most brutal comes alive in this deluxe skin for your Kavat.
General Additions:
Xoris Interaction Changes: Certain Warframe Abilities and Exalted weapons will now reset the Melee Combo Counter only if the Xoris is being used. The overwhelming Damage output of certain Warframe Abilities was not our intention with an infinite Melee Combo weapon, and the conversation of ‘Xoris or you’re doing it wrong’ is greatly restrictive in terms of player choice.
Warframe Abilities / Exalted Warframe weapons affected by this are:
The full breakdown can be read here.
Granum Void Changes & Fixes:
Kuva Lich Changes:
Railjack Fixes:
Nightwave Fixes:
Ropalolyst Fixes:
Protea Fixes:
This action was performed automatically, if you see any mistakes, please tag desmaraisp, he'll fix them. Here is my github
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Recap and translation of the official Russian community podcast (May 8th)

I am writing only the information Nikita had said on the podcast. Apologies in advance for possible mistakes, for English is not my native language. Everything is written in order of appearing throughout the stream. I am trying to add key point in bold, but there is additional info in translations. And I am certain there's going to be someone in the comments who will recap my recap, haha.
- New EFT sale commemorating Victory day (May 9th)
- Recent technical patch containts stuff for back-end.
There is mostly stuff for back-end. When there is some sort of overload of back-end the game doesn't feel well - you can't even exit the raid and all sorts of bullcrap is happening. So we added more logs, more debugging info and many little techincal bits and pieces.
- BSG team had a brief excercise in fast patch deploy and will strive to be faster in the future
We wrote it's gonna be 3 hours, but in fact it was 1,5 hours. So we want to be faster in that regard. Some people think the game is being patched magically by itself. There are times when we do something and it takes a long time. One time we were patching for about 6 hours, it's was very long. So we'll try to train ourself to deploy faster.
- Nikita is slowly getting mad in quarantine, so he wears a plate carrier all day long to lose some weight.
- Most of BSG team is working from home.
- BSG is currently testing and working on 12.6. BSG is delaying the patch because they are patching possible exploits that can appear in the new flea market system.
I am already recieving messages with potential exploits that people can try to use. See, here's the deal! We are making a game, all we want to do is to make the game. We don't frickin' need to "close the holes", fight with cheaters and so on. We are wasting a ton of time on this. Sure, you can say "UgH, tHeSe ArE mOdErN oNlInE gAmEs, ThEy MuSt HaVe PrOtEcTiOn FrOm ChEaTeRs" and you'll be right. But not to the point of allotting to it a third of all working time or even more.
Instead of making a functional system we must empirically and practically seek out all exploits by ourselves and with the help of the players and patch them. And we still won't patch them all. But you know what would happen when someone will find the exploit? They are going to blame us and say that we are lazy pieces of shit, that we do nothing.
In fact, right now we are delaying 12.6 because we are closing potential exploits in the new system. (Update regarding the delay at the end of the translation)
- Pre-wipe events are going to be announced right before the wipe.
- Renewed Customs is not going to be added in 12.6
- BSG banned 1500 cheaters yesterday (May 7th)
- BSG is actively working on cheater protection together with BattleEye.
We are working with BattleEye and making our own little subsystems that are designed to insure BattleEye is working properly. Right now everything that I recieve from acqueintances regarding cheaters, like "check this guy and that guy and those", I send to BattleEye and they say "Oh, they are already banned" or "They are in the banwave list". And it's very often that people ask to check those who are either already banned or in the little incoming banwave.
BattleEye has its own internal system and strategy that they don't even talk to us in detail. There are times when the new cheat appears, but BattleEye doesn't act right away. It "marinates" the cheaters and collects the list of them to later ban them all in one banwave. Instant bans are implemented for some cheats, for others they are not implemented. BattleEye is mostly working by itself. We can send them videos with cheaters from the forums and information regarding them, that's it.
Some people think that we ban people when we watch videos. This is false. We send videos and Player IDs to BattleEye's special team and then they identify and analyze them.
- BSG is working on traffic encryption
Some cheats are using alternative environment to analyze the information. For those kinds of cheats traffic needs to be encrypted. We are working on it. Not many game developers practice it. So we've decided to do it and we've been working on it for the past month. It's a serious thing and it heavily affects CPU, so we are trying to optimise it so that the client and the decoder won't go nuts.
- Most of the cheats on the Internet don't work
To those who are sceptical about anticheat's capabilty - you can search working hacks yourself. *everyone chuckles*
Oh, I'm not saying that you need to test them, just search for sites that say they are working.
95% of all sites that you'll see have hacks that don't work at all, even if they say otherwise.
- There's a person on Youtube that baits people into buying outdated hacks by buying channels and streaming old cheating footage. BSG is not happy about it
There's a new thing that's been going on recently. There's a Youtube channel with a stream going on. Big red LIVE in the corner, 16k botted viewers, all that stuff. It's a prerecorded video. The guy buys channels with 500-600 subscribers and streams it on purpose. And he actually sells nothing, no cheats. He even wrote "Why are you striking my videos, why ban me? I am not doing something bad, I am actually helping you! I don't sell cheats, really. You get the money and the cheater is punished!" That's insane. We've already banned thousands of those videos. We have the legal department that quickly sends info to Youtube.
Buddy, if you are watching this - please stop wasting your and everyone's time. The thing you are doing is not nice.
- New economy is going to deal with resellers and add a new layer towards a greater future goal
Right now everything is out of stock because of resellers. When reselling disappears there's going to be much more equipment for sale. If we take 10 players that actively play EFT and use flea market 8 of them buy the stock and immediately sell it, they don't even need it. But they know they'll gain extra 70 RUB from each bullet.
First, right now this situation is nonexistent. You'll need to craft the ammo, put it on flea market and it's much harder than it looks. With the added limit to buying per restock everything is going to be okay.
Second, we'll be looking into it all, how it's going to play out. If there's going to be some super deficit we'll try to regulate it.
Third, we are gradually moving on to the automatically regulated economy. I've been talking about it many times. Traders are going to be deciding what to do by themselves. If they see that the product is being sold out they'll increase the prices. If the product is being sold out regularly they'll decrease the amount you can buy per restock or even stop selling the product at all.
It's a vurtual in-game economy regulated by trader "pseudo people". Anything can happen. A number of items can disapper due to unforseen outocomes, events and the economy's unpredictability.
- New iterations of economy are designed to slow down the accumulation of top tier loot
It's a new reality that you need to deal with. We don't want to create a refined system in which "these bullets cost this much, those cost that much, I know I'm going to buy that item for that much, so on and so on". It's not interesting. Especially regarding top-tier loot like armor and ammo. Our mission is to slow down and make it harder to obtain high level stuff. With every new wipe we are trying to make in-game cycle more organic and smooth.
- 12.6 is going to be a special patch that will change how the game is played
12.6 is very important and not like the past ones. There is a bunch of new systems implemented like overweight, fatigue, trading of crafted and found in raid items. And it's a clear representation of your work. A player would be able to craft items in the hideout and contribute to the system. A real supplier and not just a reseller.
- Nikita dislikes people who try to get rich in a short amount of time after wipe.
The economical system is pretty balanced, but because of certain people that are used to playing EFT differently and gaining advantage by using legit and prohibited methods, it's all coming apart. We don't want to see people racing each other for high value loot to become rich in a short amount of time. It's not right!
You can say that it's life, that it happens. Damn, in our situation it's not the concept and gameplay that we wanted to implement. We want to make it harder, more complex. We want you, the player, to decide.
- Nikita wants each player to have a certain role in the game and not become the jack of all trades.
We don't want you to become the master of all skills, super trader, super killer, a know it all. When I was designing the game I had vision in mind that each player going through the game cycle would have his own place in it. Like "I haven't completed all quests but I've become a pro at certain skills". The limitations are designed to not let people become superheroes, like they are used to in all games. People must find their calling, just like in real life.
- To add more to the new found in raid only flea market, BSG will reduce the amount of items traders sell.
Why and how from the point of playable realism there must exist a rule "I must be able to find every loot in raid" ?
First, you need to level up the traders, to spend your time and resources on them.
Second, 75% of all loot is spawned in any way.
And here's the thing we'll be implementing. Almost all loot in 12.6 is going to be spawnable on locations and AI, it won't be sold. There are going to be new gear elements that will spawn on scavs, raiders and guards.
- Nikita is not in a hurry with adding new content, trying to implement it gradually
We are trying to "smear" added content. There are lots of planned top tier armor, but from time to time I just add a new rig, new backpack. For example, there is going to be a backpack that has about the same amount of slots as Berkut, but it looks cooler in black camo. It looks cool, but you can't buy it, just find on a scav.
- New AI-driven UN soldiers are planned for the future
"Was Med Pack added to the game for shits and giggles?"
"YES... But really, why was it implemented. Some time in the future we'll add AI UN squads that would have machine gunners, medics, something like that. And these backpacks are going to spawn on those medics."
- Crafting system is going to be redesigned to allow more crafting recipes
Everything is planned out. Most of the top tier ammo can be crafted already. And we'll add even more ways. Why are we not adding it now? To be honest, we want to redesign it all because there's simply too many crafting recipes. We need to make a new slick interface. We'll add more variants of crafting to ammo.
- New loot spawns and redone old spawns. Dynamic loot is done, but will be added in the future.
We need to rebalance loot, that's what we are doing right now. In 12.6 there are going to be new loot spawns, old spawns are going to be redone. And we have lots of task regarding dynamic distribution of loot. It's done, but why it wasn't added in this patch... we had no time, that's all! It would probably be added in 12.7 or 12.8.
- Nvidia Freestyle is going to be prohibited.
"Some players are using old Nvidia Freestyle because it's less FPS-hungry than new PostFX. But we all know that Freestyle gives an unfair advantage. What is BSG's position on those people and the usage of Freestyle?"
"Our position is simple - we'll prohibit it with BattleEye. Just like we prohibited Reshade.
- Test servers with Unity 2019 and C++ engine builds are planned.
To be honest, we have done the techical servers already. And we have the need to use them. We are planning to release a special build of the game on Unity 2019. It's going to be the same game, but on another engine. If you want to try it out you'll need to actively submit tickets with bugs, not just play the game. Also we need people that play alot and know alot about the game, so they would spot inaccuracies right away. Also the C++ engine build is planned for testing.
- Maps with just Scav and PMC extracts would be added when all maps are done
"I've tried hundreds of times to exit at the scav-pmc exfil, but only managed it once."
"Ok, I get it. But imagine that EVERY exfil is going to need both a scav and a PMC"
"Oh, then the question is when it's going to be implemented?"
"I would say after all maps are done."
- Karma system for PMCs and Scavs is written down, but will be implemented when almost all bosses are added.
The karma system for Scavs is planned. Moreover, we want to make DLC in the future about scav's life. In it you're going to be able to play as a boss, so on and so on. And karma is very tightly knit around playing as a boss. A player Scav can kill the boss and leave. In this instance the karma is going to affect the player very heavily - from increased cooldown to your presence already known to the boss when you enter his area.
Karma system is written down. But we don't implement it yet because we first need to add not all, but about 80% of the bosses to locations.
- Arena mode about fighting a group of bosses is planned
Bosses are very cool. It's going to be very fun gunning them in Arena. There's going to be a mode in which you'll fight with a group of bosses. With each new boss we are trying to add new AI, new behaviour. And it's going to be interesting how those AI's interact with each other.
- New boss Sanitar on Shoreline.
Right now we are making the Sanitar (UAP, Paramedic, Aidman) who's going to appear in 12.7. His behavior is ill, to say. He aids people, makes stashes, hides items. He's interesting!
- Voicelines for Scavs planned, not just current muttering
For Scavs we have everything recorded just like for PMCs except for specific situations. So yeah, it's planned.
- First addition of Steam Audio will be in 12.6
Sound! When is the sound going to be redone!?
The first iteration of the new sound is going to be implemented in 12.6.
- Bosses will have their own voicelines
Bosses' voices are being recorded. We already have the voice of Reshala.
- Someone wants to voice a character? Write to BSG and nominate that person!
If you want a certain famous guy to voice someone - post it on Twitter, add hashtags, write to us. Make some noise. In short, if the person wants it, I am all for it. I don't want to pay a lot of money and get inexpressive, protocol work. I want the man to really desire it.
If you have ideas - write to us on Twitter. Our PR guy is going to look through them and send them to the team
- PostFX presets maybe coming out
"Are there going to be presets for PostFX?"
"I've seen a bunch of requests for presets, even for certain locations. I don't know, I think it's too much. But I'll think about it.
- Presets for flea market? Nikita is gonna think about it.
"Can we get presets for flea market filters?"
"I'll write it down"
- PostFX also working in the menu is planned
It can be done so PostFX will work in the menu, it's planned. It's just it's going to be harder to implement.
- War belts are planned to be added after plate carriers and rigs are remade.
"When are War belts are going to be added in the game? And would it be possible to add them before the plates system?
"I personally don't like war belts. Just because I'm not comfortable wearing them, that's all. It's just me, I'm a damn well-fed tactical. The more I carry, the worse I feel. I can't jump from trench to trench like a mongoose.
In short - war belts are planned. But after the remake of plate carriers, customization of chest rigs and so on.
- Chest rig customization would allow to display the contents of the pouches.
We almost confirmed the design of chest rigs' customization. It's a serious task. It's going to be done before patch 13.0. We'll be doing for a long time, 3 or 4 patches. It's a complex system with a full-fleged interface. There are lots of questions about optimizing it all, so you won't need to render millions of pouches, bake them. And we also want to make so that the contents of the pouches would be visible, but there are many subtleties. Pouches are different, mags are different. Long, short, thick, thin. We'll need to code a system that automatically scales and moves it all. Clipping will be present for sure, but we'll try to minimize it. It's one of my most awaited features.
- Decorative elements for chest rigs.
There are going to be decorative elements for rigs. Like this spring hook *grabs a spring hook on the plate carrier he is wearing*. You'll be able to buy lots of them and cover your torso with them.
- BSG will not introduce quests to increase pockets slot count.
"There were suggestions about adding more slots to pockets for completing special tasks, like kill each boss 100 times and get double the amount of slots for pockets"
"I heard that. But here's the deal, then it's going to be meta. Everybody is going to be using one pair of pants, one jacket. And we don't have many of them."
- New clothes for PMCs and Scavs in 12.6
We can add all sorts of clothes to Scavs. We can add something like... smear Vaseline on yourelf 8000 times and get workpants with rubber boots for PMC! You'll be running around in a plate carrier and rubber boots, yeah.
In 12.6 we'll add new clothes to both USEC and BEAR and one jacket for Scav.
- UN troops will make it harder for you to traverse the map.
UN troops are going to be controlling and dividing the map so you won't be able to go around freely. And they'll have features tied to working with Peacekeeper.
- Since the start of EFT bugtracking program there has been over 13k collected tickets.
Y'know how many tasks we have? Since the start of bugtracking program we've accumulated... let's see what's the number of the most recent ticket... 13049! It's a shitload!
In Contract Wars we waited 2,5 years to get to 1000th ticket! Bonkers, man.
- There is going to be a guide on how to properly write a bugreport
"You said that there are only 10-20% of decent bugreports, everything else is garbage. Is there going to be a guide how to write a good report?"
"Okay, I hope the support team is watching the podcast. Please tell them to make an article on how to properly write bugreports so you'll become a tester on TTS"
- Nikita is adamant about adding VOIP to EFT. But they'll be testing it anyway.
VOIP was planned a long time ago, it was a must have in the game. But I've watched a bunch of new multiplayer games like Squad and so on. You'd think they are cool tacticool guys, but even then... huuuh...
There is certainly going to be a guy that would turn on a loud gay porn and it would annoy other players. We'll be making and testing VOIP anyway. To combat such abusers maybe we'll implement report system.
- Player report system is planned
"Regarding the report system - is it going to be like in PUBG that you can report a suspicious player?"
"Yeah, it's a system that's planned to be implemented in a near future. You can report a player for suspicious activity, potential cheats, inappropriate nickname and also you can report a lagging server. The last one will be useful for us.
- Player reports will not get people banned right away
Don't even think that people are going to be banned with reports, it's not going to be that dumb. Dude gets flooded with reports and gets banned, nothing like that. It's going to be a secondary system. If the player has an inappropriate nickname first he is forced to change it and after that he gets banned if he does it again.
So here's a situation - let's say there is a super private cheat that costs 80k a year, no one knows anything. From that there's lots of data, lots of reports on that guy. Then we track him - here he has strange speed, there he gets too many headshots. And all of that together gives us a reason to act. Not on that single guy, but the whole cheat. We detect by analyzing the client and server data and say that this guy is a cheater and BattleEye then does everything to get hardware proof that this guy indeed is using a cheat."
- Secure container changes not in 12.6. Maybe will be tested in pre-wipe.
I had an idea about not allowing to store trading items in the secure container in 12.6. But sensing how someone would explode if it was added, I decided not to. Maybe it will be added to test it during pre-wipe.
- Compass is planned in 12.7-12.8
Compass is planned in 12.7-12.8.
- New added land on Customs will be added in space inbetween Old gas station to Construction site
The patch of land from the Old Gas Station to Construciton site - that's how much is going to be added on Customs. With buildings, so on. They have detalisation that other maps don't, I asked the team to decrease it, so it won't stick out.
- Shoreline in its first version was even more unoptimised than you might remember.
I've been optimizing Shoreline when it first came out and it's been a complete trash, honestly. The developer man simply copy-pasted 2 varieties of rooms on Resort. Slippers, hairbrushes, 6 toothbrushes in one cup, glasses, papers - about 350 objects all together. So he simply copy-pasted it all everywhere.
The wings on Resort are mirrored, right? So he makes one wing and just mirrors it. And it wasn't stored in folders, it was just a bunch of files together. And I've been deleting these damn slippers for a week to optimize Shoreline. And then I was thinking that I've optimized it - was 15 FPS and became 17 FPS. Later they've done lots of other things to Resort.
Wish you could see what the detalisation was on Reserve. And the Labs, oh the Labs! Y'know that area with mechanical robot arms? It was completely different! It had 3-layer assembled lab boxes. Everything was being deleted and redone.
- EFT book is done and may go live mid-May.
Tarkov book is completed. Right now proofreading and redacting is happening. And about the series - I hope it's going to go live mid-May.
- New wave of players was very hard on BSG. Overall they increased the amount of servers from 17 to 170.
The Twitch Drops were complete bonkers. Thank God online has smoothen out. Before there were peaks - people come from work and start playing in different time. Lots of peaks that have been freaking us out, often during the night. And I remember - right before the New Year we all sat down together to think. 40k online and we are dead, our back-end is dead. And after New Year 60k came. After a week it was 80k. Another week it was 120k. Then it was 140k. And it all came down to 170k-180k online.
And all this time we've been monitoring and raising servers from the dead non-stop. In short, we had 17 servers and got 170 servers. And it sucked so much, we had to work without weekends and breaks. Admins and back-end staff were constantly blaming themselves and each other, I've been screaming all the time. It was not cool. And we were DDoS'd around New Year almost every day. DDoS were the ones that cost 15-20k dollars.
It's really hard to deal with such big online amount and the game of such size. And you can say "uGh, WhY dOn'T yOu JuSt BuY aMaZoN sErVeRs?" They cost a shitload, that's why! 1,4 million dollars a year, I couldn't believe my eyes. So we continued to modify the system by buying more servers, finding bugs and building fail-safe security, fool-proof and fault-proof.
- The first batch of merch is complete, but it's delayed because the site is not released yet.
Merch is delayed because of coronavirus. The main problem is the site, they don't have the time to build it, to test it and finally release it. The first batch is complete, I'm sure it will sell out like hot cakes.
- Bug abusers and skill grinders will be fought. Bug abusers can be reported after the introduction of the report system.
"What's your opinion on system abusers that grind the skills and raise them in a short amount of time? And do you have any plans for them?"
"I have a negative opinion. I don't like when people play the game not the way it was intended. I am really sorry for you, the honest people, that play it fair. And those abusers later say something like "Ah, Ya DiDn'T sEt ThE pRoTeCtIoN, sO iT mEaNs It'S aLl LeGiT". For that I can say this - go fuck yourself, dear sirs. We'll be fighting you.
If you are using the bugs - after the patch there is going to be a report function for bug abuse. And we'll be banning for that. So please don't do it, just report the bug.
- Bug bounty and rewards for finding them may be implemented in the future
I've been suggested a lot of times an advanced system about bug bounty and rewards. So yes, eventually we'll do it. But it needs extra resources.
- Dead PMC items won't be counted as found in raid because people may launder them. And BSG knows if you try to do shady trading on empty servers.
"Why the items from the dead PMC won't be counted as found in raid?"
"I'll say it again - you'll be able to trade items and launder them. But you can say "Oh, make it so it only applies to people in party". But no, people find their ways. They enter empty servers at night, empty maps like night time Factory.
And you know, it's all being monitored. We've banned so many bots, so many scripters.
- Introduction of Captcha in Flea market. There will be different triggers for it.
Flea market will have Captcha. And there are different conditions for it to trigger. You refresh too often - get the Captcha. Buying too much - get the Captcha. Selling two times for the price much higher - get the Captcha and a note in back-end that you are a shady guy.
- BSG won't protect you from unfair trades, it's in player's interest to be careful when using Flea market. And in 12.6 dollars and euros will have different colors.
"What about protection from unfair trades like cheap items in exhange for Red Rebel?"
"This part is tightly knit around new wipe and its new found in raid only rule.
First, the items will be put on flea market with more care and more thought. So people will be more considerate.
Second, everything must be done in stages. You can't do anything all at once. We have lots of bugfixes and features planned, so we do them in batches.
We have a bunch of quality of life improvements, like metrics, fool proofs. In 12.6 dollars and euros are going to be differently colored, people have been asking for it for a long time.
We don't have the need to do it. Players must be vigilant and careful. Flea market is a place where you can be fooled easily and you need to be careful. People want super tools like automatic buy, buy orders, and so on so that they can become a magnate while picking their nose.
You can become rich, you'll learn the ropes and that will be your shtick in the world of EFT."
- Nikita hopes that people would find their own role in the world of EFT and stick to it
My ideal image would be that people in EFT would eventually pick people in clans and battle groups by their skills. Not like "Ah, Vasili is a cool guy" or "Oh, this one has lots of moneys". Like this guy can pick locks, this one runs fast, that one trades well. I want it to be like that, so everyone would have their own role. And replayability would be huge.
- System with 2 playable characters in different realms is planned - one is permanent and one can be wiped
We'll introduce a system with two characters - one in a permanent realm and one realm being wiped constantly. Second one is just like it's going right now and the permanent one is going to be when you'll finish EFT. You can finish EFT when everything will be done - quests, story, etc.
- Mobile app's functionality will be limited. Nikita would like to develop API for flea market monitoring services.
Mobile app had been planned a long time ago. It's functions will be limited - you won't be able to trade or go to hideout. At least we want the player to be able to get the insured items, get the sold items or renew the offers in flea market, check the flea market, look up the in-game encyclopedia. It won't have the full functionality so you'll have the full system without needing to enter the game.
Veritas is the guy we want to develop the system. But right now we don't have the time to do it all. He says he can do it all by himself, but I know he can't.
There is a site for monitoring flea market. How they do it is not right. For those kinds of people we would like to develop API. Because those services would potentially cease to exist because of constant updating and constant Captcha.
If the site is cool, we'll contact you and give you the flea market data. I think it's even going to be public - prices, items on sale, etc. People would be able to make applications tied to that data and we won't be against it. What we are against is when the ads are involved on such sites. Especially the advertisement of RMT.
- Nikita threatens sites with Real Money Trading and cheat ads with potential lawsuit and shutdown.
If I see these RMT ads one more time I'm gonna tell our lawyers and we'll shut you all down. I know you guys want to earn the money. You have Patreon, you have donations, ads, all that stuff. I am not against it. What I'm against is the advertisement of this bullshit. Some even advertise cheats. So please be careful about that. We can easily shut you down even for the simple icon usage. Don't be dumb, don't get yourself in trouble.
- API is going to be released eventually.
NoFoodAfterMidnight is parsing the data, datamining it. It's not right, but I'm not against it. I understand that they all have the same reason - "give us API". It's not like we don't want it, we simply have more important stuff to do. I thought we'll release API by 12.7. API will be released eventually, but please don't hurry us, we have more important things to do than additional resources.
- BSG is against people bringing up datamined stuff. Nikita asks for people to be more positive and not blame the team constantly.
Some nasty people datamine developer objects that generate a wave of unnecessary questions that we need to answer and react to. And sometimes we don't have time to answer them.
Bugusers find another bug and make a video on Youtube right away. What are you even doing? They all try to justify it by saying that they bring light and attention to it. You can't believe how hard it is to work when you need to fix something in a hurry.
There are sane people that know it needs to be fixed, but eventually. But some just start to blame us, call us dumbasses. It's unpleasant to hear. Sometimes you start to think why are we even doing it, who are we making the game for. It's hard. We have 100 people in staff. I can't just make a call-out for people to start working in 9 PM on Friday. I can't call and say "Sergey, what are you doing? Grilling? Drop what you are doing and go fix the shit!" But even that happens sometimes. When we were balancing back-end we had to get people from vacations. It's serious and people can't see what's hidden behind all this deal, how hard it is. People burn out, people quit because they can't endure it. And I personally feel bad about it. I wanted everything to be good, but the man quit. The man quits with pent up negativity, but I want others to feel positive, to know that they work in the best company in the world. Working tasks are okay, but when someone from outside starts to get on your nerves and throw unnecessary info at you, impose unnecessary actions at you it really sucks.
Someone might say "Why do you complain? You get the money for it!" I won't even leave comments to that.
People that want to stand up to the game, to protect it - please say something. Positive comments are much stronger than negative ones. I don't mean that you should be a fanboy. We make mistakes, we say bullshit. But we never thought and wanted to lie to someone and make money from them. You just want to make everything right. We are not the legendary studio that makes everything right, but we strive to become better.
- There were many events BSG wanted to visit, but due to coronavirus it was all cancelled.
The past year has been by far the most positive and productive ever. If not for the coronavirus and not for the cancellation of the events we wanted to visit, it would be even more amazing. But there are many things to come, it's not all lost.
- First iteration of skill redesign is complete
"Is there any infomation regarding skills redesign?"
"First iteration is complete. A part of skills will be redone - how they are leveled, bugs associated with them"
- Underbarrel launchers are going to be added after BSG adds hand grenade launchers
"When the new underbarrel launcher are going to be added in the game?"
"First we plan to add hand grenade launchers. After that we'll add underbarrel launchers."
- VSS ammo nerf in 12.6
"Is there going to be a nerf to VSS?"
"There's been a work done to it in 12.6. I think it's about ammo damage."
- EFT release date unclear, will be announced after the completion of key features.
"Nikita, you said that in May you may announce the date of release. Are you going to do it?"
"I thought in that time I'll know for sure. But I can't say it right now. Because right now there are many things in EFT that need to be done. These are Streets of Tarkov, chest rig customization and story quests. These 3 features need to be complete before we announce the release date.
EDIT: Update on 12.6 being delayed - Pestily checked with Nikita directly and is saying that 12.6 is not delayed. But in my defence I can say that Nikita did indeed say that 12.6 is beying delayed right now. You can check it yourself, even if you don't speak Russian. Open the podcast at 19:33 mark and turn on auto-translated subtitles. It is a bit scuffed, but Nikita says what he says - "А по факту мы сейчас 12.6 задерживаем из-за того, что закрываем потенциально возможные дыры как можно эксплоитить функционал".
So what I think happened is that 12.6 was supposed to come out much earlier. But because of the problems with flea market exploits BSG had to postpone the release of 12.6 without actually notifying the playerbase. It looked like 12.6 was going through development and testing phase without any major issues. But in fact not had it been for the sudden appearance of the potential exploits, the players could get their hands on 12.6 much earlier than now.
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Colossal list of QoL improvements I would like to see in the game (2020 Edition)

I've compiled most of this compendium last year, noting down every little thing that actively bothered me during regular gameplay, and I hope ArenaNet notices this and implements at least some of those ideas on how to improve the Quality of Life for Guild Wars 2. Some of those are fixes to the current behaviour of various game elements, some are new features. Separated into sections for your convenience
This time around I crossed out features that ArenaNet actually implemented (for posterity, lest their work goes unnoticed), and added some new ones.
Feel free to discuss and comment about your QoL wishes for the next year.
Mount camera is not abiding "Use Free Camera" interface option, you can't look around without your camera snapping back the moment you let go of the mouse. And if you stand still, it ignores a disabled "Use either mouse button to change direction" option - if you look to the side with left mouse button and press forward, it will go in your looking direction, which is wrong, because that's the functionality of Right mouse button. It behaves correctly when unmounted, but on a mount, it's simply wrong. The current functionality will still be available to anyone through the options menu, but ArenaNet please make sure that people who chose to have it disabled - have it actually, you know, disabled. It really affects the fluidity and intuitiveness of mounts, which is a shame because the mount system is the best out of any game.
Mount camera is not using "First-person camera" even if it's on. I'm sensing a pattern here.
When dismounting, there's a good chance the camera will be stuck at some arbitrary zoom level (sometimes almost in 1st person) and then snap back to normal in 2 seconds. Pretty frustrating, please fix.
Pressing sideways while swimming without holding mouse reorients you strictly to the horizontal plane, which really messes with your controls when you are swimming downwards/upwards and want to slightly correct your course.
Swimming up by pressing Space is almost twice as slow as swimming forward with camera pointing up. Same goes for swimming down. This is ridiculous, please fix.
Camera can't be brought strictly up or down. It's like 85 degrees relative to the horizontal plane, not 90. No idea why it is like that, but please change it.
In first-person mode, camera turns your character from either holding left or right mouse buttons. This is both redundant and wrong - it should behave like in 3rd person mode. You should be able to look around while still running forward in the same direction while in 1st person mode - right now it's literally impossible. Moreover, for people who want that functionality, there is a specific option exactly for this "Use either mouse button to change direction". But it only works for 3rd person, for no reason.
Skimmer should really have a grace period for the water speed boost. It feels extremely off-putting to be constantly slowed down by the smallest patches of dirt. Even 1 second would be ok - skimmer won't replace raptor or jackal or beetle for ground travel, so Arenanet shouldn't be that apprehensive to make it more useful in water areas. At the very least, its hover ability should preserve the water speed boost, since in most cases you will hover over obstacles, so it makes sense for the energy-spending ability to have this functionality. In fact, it's the most obvious use of it, and I can say for myself that I assumed it would work like that, and still find myself fruitlessly pressing hover to preserve speed over terrain. The skimmer race during Festival of the Four Winds really highlighted that - literally everyone from 20+ people racing was hovering high over the ground parts.
Skyscale should have an option to drop down as if she wasn't gliding. You can press Mount Ability 2 keybind, but it's painfully slow. And the regular glide down isn't all that fast either. Sometimes you just want to fall like you never pressed Space twice at all. Just like you can put your glider away at whim, it should be possible to disable "floating", disable flapping the skyscale's wings.
Skyscale's engage skill should be a ground-target ability with a small range, or blast the ground right under yourself, like other mounts do. The current implementation is very clunky to use and sometimes even impossible to properly aim, especially on small ledges, which sounds pretty stupid from a game-design standpoint - an ability that you can't properly aim.
Skyscale's wall-cling should reeeally be a toggle, or at least 'Hold this button' function. It is very frustrating when you are trying to land on a small ledge, and instead it clings to the edge of the ledge, then to the wall behind the ledge, until you have finally managed to land on it. Or the dragon catches every single branch, stick, rope or flag when you are flying.
Dye job gets reset if you open the mount/glideoutfit tab, which makes no sense since they are all in the same category as wardrobe tab. The result is that you can't preview mounts/outfits/gliders and see if they dye nicely unless you apply the changes and ruin your whole current setup. And with mounts, you just can't see them dyed at all unless you already own them. This is actually detrimental to sales imo, because more often than not, a nice palette can elevate an otherwise mediocre skin to great heights of awesomeness. And the default colors aren't always the best. Please make a full-fledged dyable preview for mounts, gliders, etc.
Having backpacks and weapons be dyeable would be nice, no idea how hard it is to code it in. But the glidebackpack combos suffer greatly from this limitation, the most recent example being the Lightbinder Blades. Arenanet already went to great lengths to have the animation transition of these packages be as smooth as possible, but it doesn't matter if the colors are different. They don't even have to do dye channels for all backpacks, most of them can have it disabled (like Hellfire shoulderpads which are undyable, for example).
Dyeable weapons pls? The rumor is backpacks were coded like weapons which was the reason for not being able to dye them, but you solved that problem.
Wardrobe templates - transmutation charges can go away, I very much doubt anyone is buying them from gemstore, and it's a very disappointing practice in the first place, which discourages a player from experimenting with his outlook. If they absolutely have to squeeze more money, ArenaNet can sell template slots in their place. I'm thinking 5 base slots should be a good number, if they can't be allowed to be infinite. Also, one-click links for those templates would be a splendid idea, and really promote fashion in the community. Just imagine, how eager would people be in sharing their favorite outlook in map/guild chat and discussing it all. Just make sure that this link includes dyes (which you should then be able to remove from the preview, seeing the linked armor in your own color palette).
At least implement dye templates, character-specific of course.
If you aren't going to remove transmutation charges, at least make it so Gathering tools don't require them, or better yet, make the bought unlimited gathering tools freely available for all characters. They cost a fuckton of money, and getting the unlimited benefit for just one character is very unfair and clunky. Nevermind the fact that you have to spend transmutation charge to make a consumable item look like the tool you already own, for a limited amount of time.
Aura wardrobe with multiple slot types is long overdue. Would solve countless problems: infusions will be previewable and transmutable on multiple characters; you'll be able to choose which legendary footprints you want to show; legendary trinket effects will be available for all characters and you'll be able to choose a downgraded version (or even disable them completely), not just the highest because you equipped all 2(3) of them. Winter's Presence/Nightfury won't require a clunky solution of taking up a shoulder slot. Plus with auras being on a slot type, it will partially solve the issue of eye-rending infusion stacking by only allowing one of each type. Would help the game aesthetic immensely; it's almost a meme by this moment how many characters are just walking balls of visual cacophony.
There should be an option to 'favorite' minis, just like you can already do with dyes.
Preview window is outdated. It's too small to even show a human wielding a hammer, much less a charr. You should be able to preview dyes from your palette, and RESIZE the window, AND zoom in/out freely along with rotating on more than one axis just like you can on mount previews. For the love of god, CHANGE IT ALREADY. You can't preview SHIT in it. A single default charr without even weapons is literally too big for this ridiculous 'preview'. It's pathetic, it's unacceptable, it's outdated, cumbersome, detestable, dysfunctional and failing to do the one thing it's supposed to do most of the time.
Also preview window doesn't have anti-aliasing for some reason, contrary to the rest of the game.
And allow dual-wielding in the preview window. It's ridiculous that you can't even pre-coordinate fashion between main-hand and off-hand.
Gemstore items should be linkable or at least previewable in their normal UI, not in that tiny half-window inside the gemstore.
Make Deposit All Materials a separate button, not a menu item - there's plenty of space up there, and that functionality is used almost constantly.
Material storage should have an option to show yellow/red border around material icons when they are close to/reached the storage limit.
Full support of "disabled aoe rings" - some abilities, e.g. HoT Jungle Root's 3-shot barrage has literally zero visual telegraph on the ground if you disable red rings. If it's too much work (thinking up VFX for every spell and making sure it shows the area of effect nicely and doesn't detract from other spells is quite an endeavour), then at least separate options to disable friendly aoe rings and enemy ones - incredibly frustrating to have to see all the white circles if you want to know the enemy abilities' area. Combo fields are quite visible anyway, and I definitely don't need to see a million of white lines that show the range of... something? Seriously, look at this picture. What are the rightmost rings even indicating? And you can't even guess which combo field will be the one to interact with your abilities in such a mess, so their lines are just visual clutter too in this picture. An example of a great ground indicator is lightning zone at Festival of the Four Winds, which shows where your Lightning Pull ability will turn into Lightning Tether that pulls you towards a lightning pillar instead of a target zone of your choice. It is concise, dynamic (the lightning circles around), makes it very clear which ability it is related to through the symbol on the ground and the VFX, and has a slight purple hue inside that ties the area together, not just the ring itself. And it is actually useful in its function, nevermind it just being very pretty. A great visual effect, please do more thought-out ones like that.
Continuing the trend of better readability - make other people's aoe and fx have a very faded and simplified look, while your own combo field and aoes should still have full VFX (in PvE). You did it with Auras, and it was great. Now do it for the actual source of visual clusterfuck in battles.
Finally, many VFX are utterly outdated, especially on core spells. 'Artsy' style is no excuse for their blandness, especially when you ditched that artsy style yourself for nice crisp VFX in new spells (not all though, some of the new VFX are bland too). For example, Ice Spike, with less polygons on it than in one character's finger and disappointing textures on both the spike and the explosion which looks horribly low-res even on highest settings. The "too much clutter" argument holds zero weight when it's actively detracting from the game's look, and when you can already split your visuals and other people's ones. Just do it for all spells, not just auras, like I said in the previous suggestion, and it won't limit the juicyness of spells' graphics.
Screenshots are quite unthoughtfully saved in the format "gw543.jpg" which is about the worst possible naming convention. That makes it hard to search through, not to mention transferring screenshots between PCs or after a reinstall, all because of having to resolve name conflicts. Please do what everyone does and name them gw_date_time.jpg or something. Also the screenshot number literally can't go into 4 digits, and in a hilarious (and pathetic) turn of events the game refuses to take a screenshot if you already have 999 pictures in your folder. It only get worse since the game attempts to fill all untaken numbers after having it reach 999, so if you ever deleted a screenshot, the latest one will fill its place, so you'd have, for example, gw134.jpg from February 2019, then gw135.jpg from August 2020, then gw136.jpg from February 2019 again. Which is a nightmare for organizing anything, and is really just unprofessional.
Please make map materials reset at the same time as dailies, not in 23 hours from harvesting them. It does nothing but annoy players and there is zero point to it, especially when the tech is already there. It's very frustrating to collect, for example, Bloodstone Rubies on Friday night, then wake up on Saturday, and the rubies aren't available for another half day. Ascended mats crafting resets at the same time as dailies, and that has never been a problem.
Please make a "Mute Sound Toggle" keybind. Many games have it, and it's pretty useful - for example when you want to quickly mute the game only. Going into interface - sound and then dragging the slider is very unwieldy.
Please get rid of the banner dialogue that pops up when you activate the buff. It messes with Action Camera fluidity by forcing regular camera each time you activate the banner, obscures screen, and just isn't needed at all. Plus you can't activate another banner until you close the dialogue box, which makes it frustrating when multiple banners are next to each other (like usually in Silverwastes) and you have to click/close them all.
Health bars should be improved. They are too small/thin, sometimes float too high, and the selected target healthbar is very unobvious - just a small red triangle almost a centimeter above the healthbar. It's very hard to see which mob you targeted in a crowd. Instead, selected target's healthbar should become a bit bigger and outlined or something. And the worst part is - the healthbars are barely clickable. It's insane how unresponsive they are as a targeting method - that should definitely be fixed too.
Please bring back Binding of Ipos book visual while on a mount/chair. It was such a cool and unique feature, and it fit Perfectly with the theme of the legendary - how freaking awesome is it, reading a demonic book while sitting in a chair??
Bring back downstate Lesser Lava Font. What kind of a idiotic decision was to remove it completely? It was THE most fun, flavorful and useful thing for solo PvE eles, and sorely needed too, since we get one-shotted by everything. What was the purpose of removing it?
Music just stops sometimes and there is no way to force it to repeat again. So you are just left wandering the zone in quiet, with only the sounds of battle to accompany you (and environmental ambience ala rain). Change this please.
Please make a separate toggle to show pet names. They are nothing but clutter, yet are lumped together with NPC name toggle. Make them a sub-group of Show All Player Names with a separate option.

Achievement tab should remember its state even after closing it, like Hero Panel currently does. For example, I was looking through Living World achievements, then a champion spawned and I closed it to fight him, but then when I opened achievements again, it reset to the starting summary view.
Achievements panel is not saving the scrolling after returning back to the list from a particular achievement. For example, if I look at the list of all War Eternal achievements, click on the one about bridges, look at it then press "Back" it shows the list from the very top, every single time (and that's even if it doesn't go to the meta-achievement "do 36/36 achievements of this episode" instead of the episode category you were in). Impossibly frustrating for browsing those long categories like Rare Collections.
Achievement Search behaves very erratically. First, it removes the quick tracking eye button from the search results for no reason, so you can't instantly track achievements but instead have to click on them. Next, when you go into an achievement from the search results list, it doesn't show its category, and there is no Back button, which makes it very hard to discern in which category you can find it.
Daily categories should be consolidated: all these LW maps are cluttering the daily page, and since they don't even offer a big chest after doing 3 of them, they should be just put up in big "LW3", "LW4" categories that include all dailies from these seasons - and maybe give a big chest with map currency of your choosing for doing a number (5 maybe?) of them across the whole season.
Activity rotation should include the already existing Aspect Arena and Basket Brawl that most people don't even know about, instead of repeating the long and tedious Southsun Survival and others twice per week. Some achievements to go with that would be nice too.
There should be a new daily category "Beetle Rider" to promote the beetle races which are actually pretty fun but mostly empty nowadays. Especially now that the rental service includes a mount whistle, so you don't have to walk back to the start each time you're dismounted just to get a new beetle.
You should be able to preview container rewards from achievement interface, like you can with skin rewards.
The "Leave Party" button forces focus on the input field for a player name to join/invite, which is incredibly frustrating and honestly, not needed at all. You regularly stop running and instead write WWWWDDDDDAAAA in it.
There is nothing to indicate the squad leader in the squad UI when it's not maximized to take half the screen. In the regular 50 man squad, you literally can't see the leader at a glance and instead have to manually mouseover everyone. This is just bad design and no amount of workarounds or "why do you need to see your leader" excuses it.
LFG window should save your position even after closing - so that, for example, I could search parties for Tangled Depths, find none, close the window, wait 5 minutes then open LFG again and it would be already at Tangled Depths tab.
Moreover, LFG Open world tab should be consolidated for better User eXperience and promotion of less active zones. It should become: Parties, Squads, World Boss, HoT, Living World Season 3, PoF, Living World Season 4. There really aren't that many parties to warrant so much fragmentation. And if people would see all LW3 maps at once, maybe they would join groups for things they didn't originally planned for but would never find in the current system because clicking on every map one by one is long and cumbersome (and sometimes it stops updating the groups until you wait for a minute or so). Also I'm not sure about the usefullness of Mentoring tab. New players probably won't be looking in LFG, and from what I've seen, mentors are usually operating in Map Chat in starting zones anyway.
Finally, you should be able to click on the whole tab and see groups from all sub-sections combined. Like, I will click on Dungeons and see groups for all dungeons, but I will also be able to click on Ascalonian Catacombs in particular and see groups just for it.
Also, LFG groups should have a text or icon if the commander's world is full. This is very important to save a lot of people a lot of time hopping from one group to another trying to join worlds and having to close the "the world is full" notification every single time.
A queue system should be implemented for joining worlds to save people from right-clicking every 5 seconds to get into the commander's instance which is horrible UX(and UI too). To prevent afkers from joining, there should be a confirmation window, but with a 30-60 seconds period during which your spot in the queue is reserved for you.
There is no Join option in the friends menu, even if the friend is a leader of a squad. Furthermore, there is no join option when right-clicking on a name in chat, only invite, and even that only appears sometimes in some unspecified arbitrary circumstances. And to top it off, there is no indictation that the group of a person you are trying to join is full (or if the invite request was send). Neither through manually writing player's name and clicking join, nor through map - click on commander icon - join squad. Absolutely nothing happens, and you are left wondering if it's a bug or someting. The worst part is in the former case, when manually inputting the name and clicking join. It shows the same error message as when trying to invite an already grouped player - "The player is already in another party, squad, or guild". What in the actual fuck is that even supposed to mean? I'm trying to join a person through Join button, of course he's in another damned party, squad (or guild... What's that have to do with anything?). The only time it shows the right message (Group is full) is when you literally target the player near you, right click his portrait and choose "join".
LFG window should have its own hotkey.
It should NOT be possible for squads to merge without a confirmation (commanderless or not). I've seen numerous times how a commander was running a squad for achievements, only for some dickhead to merge a 30 person RIBA squad to it, and both sides are livid as a result, and the commander has to kick them all and they are all squadless as a result. It's awful all around, and it's honestly horrifying UX design.
Squad members have their names shown even if you disable "Show Player Names". That behaviour is simply wrong, and quite obnoxious too.

Trading Post:
The "Delivery Box" design in TP makes it seem like you can click anywhere in that big unified rectangle of yellow to show the full list of bought items. But actually only the top row of text is clickable, which is very counter-intuitive. Please make it all interactable.
TP search should have a filter that can exclude locked/unlocked items. This would make looking through the mini, dye, skin, novelty and weapon section much easier and enjoyable. Might even encourage people to explore new skins from time to time, if they wouldn't have to scroll past hundreds of "Carrion Pearl Crusher of Sigil Names".
When selling on Trading Post to the highest buyer with your amount of materials higher than the asked amount, and someone buys part of it while you are in the same window - the rest of your materials are automatically posted as Selling but with a price still set as the highest Buy order. Which defeats the whole purpose of Buy - insta-selling, and moreover goes against the purpose of sell - to sell things slower but at a higher price. Also, if you still want to insta-sell your materials, you will actually lose your listing fee (which you didn't agree to) when canceling the sell auction. Please, remove this automatic feature, it only creates frustration. If you aren't able to, at least make the price match the lowest seller.
When using custom gem exchange, the input field behaves extremely erratically, constantly moving the text cursor and putting in its own values when you delete numbers. Please fix, make it a regular text field without 'smart' aid.
Gemstore related:
Black Lion Statuettes list should include much less minis and more unique stuff. There's already a shitton black lion chest exclusives to put in statuettes, no need to further agonize the players by making 2/3 of the list different shades of minis.
A long shot, but I think it will be much healthier for the game, if: mount skins that just change color patterns and/or horn(ear, nose, mouth, etc) shape slightly and add dye channels - should be earned through gameplay. The complete and utter lack of ingame skins is very off-putting for a new player and embarassing when telling your friends about the game (see the recent Summit stream and his "where do you earn these mounts, raids? Dungeons? Solo?"). I don't believe that this will cut into the mount licenses profit, since the more flamboyant skins will still attract the sales, and the reduced chance to get 'filler' might even motivate players to spend more. At least it would for me. Honestly, how many players have you seen riding aspenian lizard raptor compared to the cosmic or flaming one? I believe that has everything to do with the fact that players either - choose mount-select licences and pick the most amazing skin since for the average player they already are somewhat pricey - or spent too much money on random chances to ride a less flashy skin. But if you make some skins available through gameplay, they might even have more status than the ones bought from gemstore, especially if the means of acquisition aren't trivial.
Same goes for Gliders and Outfits. At least some of them SHOULD be available through gameplay (legendary gliders aren't the answer, they are far too costly and time-consuming to make).
Chat related:
You can get link-spam-filtered just from messaging to yourself. I am used to linking items' and skins' links to myself so as not to spam the map, say or guild chat, and after 10-20 links it won't allow you to do anymore item links, which is ridiculous.
If you start writing a message in chat, but leave it unsent and do other stuff and change maps, the item links disappear for no reason, but the rest of the text remains. Super weird behavior, please fix.
Combat text scrolls down even if you scroll it up, making it impossible to read if you are doing literally anything and especially mid-combat. If I scrolled it up, it already means I want to see a particular part of it. Make it remain still when scrolled.
Chat timestamps should show seconds too. It is sorely needed for combat log but is useful for regular chatting too.
Please enable mouse-over tooltips for enemy abilities in combat logs. Sometimes you really want to know what killed you and a generic name doesn't cut it. It's hard to know what you could do to evade "Lightning Strike" when fighting a monster, or if it's unavoidable, or if it is supposed to be aoe, or if it was the one that knocked you down. It's gotten better lately, with an exorbitant 40% of abilities having a tooltip. In the newest releases only. Sometimes even the same boss will have both tooltipped and raw text abilities in combat log.
When you leave a group, all group chat gets instantly erased from chat log. This is beyond stupid and serves literally zero purpose. Makes it unnecessarily hard to message party members, read what you missed during combat, report offenders after the fact, etc etc. Same goes for squad chat, though in some cases it remains for an arbitrary amount of time.
Please make a /hug and /pet emote. It's very essential. And just more emotes in general, the current line-up is honestly pathetic.
Disable Ctrl+click functionality (which is doubled by shift-click anyway but without accidental spamming of guild chat) and put insta-Preview on it, which is incredibly intuitive and is the way it's usually done in other games.
2 mails per 2 minutes limit is way too small. People hit that multiple times just doing giveaways in guild chat.
Game Perfomance:
Trading Post is horrendously slow, 5 seconds to update regularly, sometimes can go up to a minute. Pls fix.
Game should incorporate DirectX 12 somehow for better FPS, so that people won't have to rely on 3rd party addons that might get them banned (according to multiple GMs I asked, they can ban you anytime if they don't like how the d912pxy behaves). Or at the very least, approve d912pxy the same way you approved ArcDPS, which is far more egregious as far as gameplay fairness is concerned.
Characters should NOT have clicking priority over objects, chests and other interactable things. That's just game-design 101, not allowing bodyblocking. You can even put camera in 1st person mode and literally have only the chest under your mouse, and yet it will still target the character that stands on his mount over it. This point is for cases when F interaction is sidetracked by other things, like reviving NPCs/players, people placing merchants on top of chests, etc.
Aviator's Box gives an unremovable debuff (unless you notice it in time and can return to the box) which is stupid, it should give the same droppable bundle skills as all other toys. That mechanic was implemented for good reason, but aviator's box is illogically exempt from it. And it also should have less interaction priority than chests.
Earthshaker Mining Tool has only 3 strikes per animation. As a result, it takes 4 activations of it to fully mine a Rich Platinum Vein, unlike all other tools that do it in 3. Please fix.
Earthshaker Mining Tool (maybe other mining tool skins too, but Not logging or gathering) force you to drop bundles when used, which is clearly a bug. Merchants' basic 100-charge tools like Orichalcum Mining Pick don't make you drop bundles btw.
Focused Solar Logging Tool has a moderate (30%) chance to have a visual bug where the sun rays are misplaces relative to the small sun FX. Like, there's a glowing orb above your character, but the rays all originate from a point 1 meter to the left, or down from the orb, resulting in a weird cone hanging miserably in the air.
There should be a native(not 3rd party) radial menu for mounts, their amount is getting a bit too high for keybinds.
Please reroute NPCs in Lion's Arch that patrol to Bank and Trading Post, making you greet them instead of interacting with the bank/TP. There's no point to it when other cities don't have that problem.
Many events are broken and can't be finished from time to time or at all, sometimes blocking collection/achievement/merchant progress. Examples: Portal of Rhand in Diessa Plateau, Sven in Wayfarer's Foothills, larvae in Teku Nuhoch in Tangled Depths, and many more.
Whisper of Jormag is bugged to hell. Spreading Ice is dealing damage just at any random point in time, regardless of anything. I had it deal its 10k damage at the very start of the spreading / 2 seconds after the 'explosion' / 1 second before the telegraphed expanding circle reaches the edges / deal its damage 2 times (without stepping into other people's aoe of course). Sometimes it even deals damage without the ability even active - you just randomly receive 10k damage, look at combat log - and it's spreading ice. Sometimes chains bug out and apply 6 chains in total. Sometimes the frostbite aura ticks 3 times instead of 1. And of course the last phase, a clusterfuck of abilities that just fire one after another without any regard to timers or each other. Two coalescing green circles one after another. Spreading Ice at the same time as green orb, sometimes with knock up for good measure. Fix it all, make it an actual skill-dependent and interesting boss.
submitted by Faleonor to Guildwars2 [link] [comments]

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